Boni de Jesus is a financial consultant and president of LTL Consultants, a financial consultancy company. For over 3 decades, Boni has been helping businesses grow by providing business advice and helping companies access funding.

Having seen how businesses and business owners prosper and how other businesses fail, he has accumulated a lot of insight and nuggets of wisdom on how to grow one’s business and avoid the traps that lead to failure.

Boni is also a co-founder of The Market Project, a movement committed to equipping of marketplace people with biblical principles that will help them thrive and glorify God.

Boni is happily married to Estela, with 3 children, Ina, Miko and Bea.

This site aims to help entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs thrive in their business, by teaching timeless business principles that work.  It is hoped that as businesses thrive, they  will fulfill their role in the prosperity of the nation and their purpose in elevating the condition of the poor.