Business Success Series: WILL YOUR BUSINESS LAST?

Do you know that your success or failure in business is determined by how you define what you do as a businessman?  This is true in every area of life.  For example, if you define what you want to accomplish for the day, you have a better chance of accomplishing it.

Are you creating value?

Business is about creating value that customers are willing to pay for. Without value creation, there is nothing to sell. But it must not only create value. It must also address the customer’s need so that he will be willing to pay for it.  It is not about getting your customer’s money, but creating value for the benefit of the customer.  It is not even about a brilliant idea that you came up with or an idea that you copy from someone else to duplicate their success.  It is about your service to customers.

Are your customers willing to pay for that value?.

If you focus on this important part of the transaction, adding value to your customer, you will find the customer adding value to you on a sustainable basis.


Are you focused on improving that value and serving your customers?

Keep on adding value to your customer, by giving him products or services that he needs, and keep on improving the value that you  give and you will find yourself having a business that last. How do you do that? Keep on learning from your customers and improving your product.

Many fail because they think it is all about money and they forget to serve their  customers.

Are you producing value that serve others?