Business Success Series: CREATIVITY

Businessmen are creators.  They create something of value that serves their customers, whether in the form of service or goods.   In the entire creation, only man, God’s special creation, created in his image and likeness, have the ability to imagine and bring his imagination to reality.  That is creativity.

In business, creativity is intended to add value to others.  Those who benefit, called customers,  pay for the value they receive.  This is how wealth is created and is the foundation of business.  When every person creates value that others benefit from, the nation prospers.  Where there is no value creation, there is poverty.  It does not matter if resources are plenty.  Without creativity, there will be poverty.  That is how important creativity is.

However, value creation is not dependent on creativity alone.  For creativity to produce value that serves others, there must be purpose, order and discipline.  Every person is endowed with creativity, but only those who have discipline create value that serves others.

Here lies the difference between the successful and those who are not.  Creativity is natural to man but discipline is not.  At five years old, children are naturally creative, but not disciplined. Discipline is developed.  Without discipline, creativity dissipates and losses its power.  Those who are disciplined are able to use their creativity to serve others and create wealth.  In the hands of the disciplined, wealth creation becomes unlimited.

Creativity that serves others is God’s agenda.  God did not only display creativity. He demonstrated discipline, order and purpose. That is why everything he created is good.



He gave us creativity that we may reflect His glory.  The choice is ours.