PLANNING Part 1: A 3 Part Series

Part I

Why do we plan? It is an exercise of an ability that God gave us. It enables us to stay on course instead of being tossed around by circumstances. Animals don’t have it. No creature on earth, except man, who is created in the image and likeness of God, can plan.

God has a plan for us. The bible says He plans to prosper us. This does not mean that God took over the responsibility of planning from us. Knowing that His plan for us is good makes us more responsible. When we take responsibility, we plan ahead and align our plan to His will. What do you think of a leader who does no planning? Will you follow him if he does not know where he is taking you?

The first step we should do in planning is to define our priorities. Our priorities give us a framework for allocating our resources, our time, talent, money, and even our organization if we are running a business.

In my case, my priority is my relationship with God, which gives me clarity in putting order to my life. Because of my relationship with Him, my wife and children have become my top priority, business or career second. Throughout my life, I have seen how the Lord has blessed us as I align my priorities to His will. Blessings overflow that my wife and I are even able to bless other people through ministry. I believe it is because we have aligned our priorities to His will.

The next step is to define what we would like to happen in the future.

When we have defined our priorities and where we are going, it becomes easier to fill in the details of the plan. In this 3 part series. I would like to share how my wife and I do our financial planning.

Next part: The Financial Plan