I used to believe that I can stay in my comfort zone and reach my goals in life. Now I realize that the comfort zone is the danger zone. The comfort zone is a place where I take pleasure in predictability and resist discovering the unknown because of fear. It is also a place where I may not have to take responsibility.   One cannot stay inside this zone without getting zapped. It snaps out every fiber of creativity that is waiting to be expressed, every ability that is crying out for growth, every achievement that is waiting to be done, greatness that wants to be unleashed.



We prefer small talk than challenging conversations.

small talk vs big talk

We prefer watching TV than read books and improve our understanding.

why we read

We resist the company of people who really care and can help us grow or tell us what we need to hear in order to grow.

resist the people who cares


We refuse to move on when obviously there is no reason to cling to the past.


We would rather cling to old mindsets than heed Godly counsel.


We prefer to do the old stuff than risk making mistakes.

2% mindset

We prefer to comply and avoid criticism even if we know there might a better way.

We prefer to comply and avoid criticism even if we know there might a better way

We say yes when it is obviously wrong.


We justify our harmful habits and resist the good.

Для Интернета

We give all sorts of reasons why it is impossible.


We refuse to change because we think our old ways that work in the past will work in the future.


We refuse to take new responsibility and grow.

avoiding resposibility

Doing new things is uncomfortable.

the same thing you always do

It is fear that hinders us from being the best and reaching our goal.


There is more to life than simply coasting along.


Life is not about us. Life lived for others as well is fulfilling.


Life becomes more difficult when we fail to change.


Let us not live in the glory of the past and miss the future.


God wants us to trust Him and reach for the best for His glory.


Daniel 11:32

…..the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.