Do you see God’s purpose for your life?

I want to have God’s purpose in my life, prosper and be successful. But I don’t look like a candidate for that sort of thing. I am a mere call center employee, trying to earn enough for my family. I ride the MRT early in the morning and catch a ride going home. My days are spent just trying to survive and I am too tired to think about God’s purpose. The bible talks about a man who is just like you and me, a sinner, but who got to where God created him to be.

Acts 13:36 “Now when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep, he was buried with his ancestors and his body decayed.”

David found his purpose but as easy as that may sound, I cannot see it happening to me. If we knew David in his younger years, we probably wouldn’t even imagine he will be a king. But God said, He does not look at physical appearance. Instead, He looks at the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7)

He is an obscure little boy, the least among his brothers and yet God has a place for him that is unimaginable for him to plan and achieve. God has a purpose for David’s life and for each one of us. In his younger years, unlike his brothers who were holding significant roles in the army, defending Israel from its enemies and conquering lands, David was assigned to tend sheep, a lowly job in the family business.

In his younger years, you can imagine David playing the harp among his sheep while keeping an eye over each one of them. When he sees a rampaging lion about to attack one of his flock, he would bring out his slingshot and hit the moving target right on its head, downing it before it makes a steal. David could have hated his work which is far from the nobler work his brothers do in Israel’s army. He could have done a mediocre work just to comply with his dad’s command. But I believe David, who wrote many psalms, learned to bask in the presence of God while doing an excellent job. For him, it is not the kind of work that is important, but where His God is leading Him, there his passion is. Seeing the relationship of our work to God’s plan and purpose is a matter of faith. If we learn to see God in our place of work, then we are definitely getting into His purpose. Rain or shine, tending sheep, David’s heart was tuned in on the Lord, his ears inclined to him, his heart singing love songs. Thus, God said, he is a man after my heart.” (1 Samuel 13:14). David had an intimate and loving relationship with God. We too, can be like David.

When the time came, with one stone from his slingshot, David killed Goliath, chopped off his head with the giant’s own sword, and changed the course of Israel’s history (1 Samuel 17:45-51). Thus, God used his skill to bring him to his destiny. Who would have thought skill in a crude weapon can bring down an entire army? We all have skills. All we have to do is acknowledge God who gave us that skill and worship Him in our work. A man skilled in his work will stand before kings and not before obscure men.(Proverbs 22:29) Someday, God will use your skill too, to deliver a blow to His enemies.

Do you see God with you in your place of work?