FACTS are important. That is why we seek more FACTS. Without them, it will be hard to make decisions.

The bible talks about Abraham whom God acknowledged as righteous because he believed the TRUTH, in God and His promises. But Abraham did not just believe blindly. He acknowledged the FACTS. God told him that he will have a son. But the FACT is that Sarah, his wife, is already too old to bear a son. Abraham did not deny this FACT. He acknowledged it. But despite the FACT, Abraham believed. Abraham acknowledged the TRUTH, God’s Word is more reliable than the FACT. Abraham believed and because of that, God declared him as righteous.

We are considered righteous too, if we believe and are following Jesus, that He died for our sins and that through Him, we have forgiveness and have eternal life. Just like Abraham, we did not have to earn that righteousness. We believe God and we are counted as righteous before Him. Our belief on this subject is not based on FACTS, but on the TRUTH.

Today, we are inundated by FACTS. We can get FACTS on any subject anytime. We have learned to check to verify those facts so that we can make wise decisions. We don’t even know the people behind those fact check sites, yet, we believe and are confident we are making the right decision based on those.

But here is the thing about FACTS. Their reliability is based on current circumstances, on the motive of the group giving those FACTS, on the timing of those FACTS, and many other considerations. Oftentimes, I get confused. Here is what I realized. FACTS are not reliable in making a wise decision. Many businesses closed shop in 2020. Many plans were canceled during the pandemic. They relied on FACTS but the situation changed. Most saddening, many died too.

Thus, I tried to understand how I should relate to TRUTH and FACTS. Just like Abraham, we should be lovers of the TRUTH. We should be wise enough not to deny the FACTS. But we should acknowledge that TRUTH is more reliable.

I have learned to first of all, to get established in the TRUTH. What does the bible say about God and about me? How about God’s plan for me and my family? How about our health, our business, our finances, the economy? What does the bible say about all those? The bible says that the Holy Spirit will lead me upon all truth. If the word of God, the TRUTH is reliable then I should rely on the TRUTH without denying the FACTS.

I meditate on God’s word. I pray for guidance. The Holy Spirit leads me into all TRUTH. Then FACTS become clear which allow me to make wise decisions. We have gone through sickness, financial lack, and troubles. Those are FACTS. But God is faithful and the TRUTH prevailed.

FACTS can bring fear.

TRUTH brings faith.

FACTS can bring unrest.

TRUTH brings peace.

FACTS have expiry.

TRUTH is eternal.

FACTS are valid at certain times.

TRUTH is for all time.

FACTS are applicable to certain people or groups.

TRUTH is for all.

FACTS can enslave us.

Jesus said, “You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free.