The Power of Desperation

Desperation is something no one would wish to fall into. But for some, it is the most important thing that happened in their life. There are many successful people who became what they are because in their desperation they did not lose hope and made one crucial step.

Imagine yourself about to drown in the sea and a piece of log is floating nearby. No doubt, you will swim your way to that log because that is your only hope of staying afloat until rescue comes. You wouldn’t be choosy and wait for a banca or the finest log to come by. You wouldn’t think of other options except what is available.

The good thing with desperation is that we are able to decide and move from where we are without waiting for something more ideal. It is an opportunity to maximize what we have and discover what we can do with so little. For some people who are paralyzed by too many options, because they are too idealistic, a desperate situation might just be heaven sent.

That initial step, making use of whatever is available, allows us to go to the next step, a more solid one, which will not be possible had we tarried and waited for something ideal. I always hear my wife say, it is easier to steer a car that is moving than one that is stationary.

Sometimes, waiting on God takes too long or even fruitless, because we don’t see that the less than ideal which is right in front of us, is what He wants us to start with and learn from. We don’t see that is where God will meet us, mold our character and teach us until we are ready for the next stage of the journey.

It is not the kind of situation we are in that matters. It is what do we do with what is available. Do we make progress by waiting or by moving on?

Many of us who decided to come out of our comfort zone soon realized that the next things that happened after that brought us to where we are.