Each of us has our own story to tell. But unless God completes it, it will be lacking in life. It might be boring. Or nice, but still the common at best. The life in the story is what can make the next person hearing it find his own life. But it is only God who can complete it to make it beautiful and serve its purpose.

Here is one such story:

Life did not come easy for Cay Acuna. At age 11, she was diagnosed with a kidney disease. It was so rare, that no cure for it even existed at that time. Every doctor and specialist who tried helping her just shook their heads in regret, unable to do anything for her anymore. Then, unexpectedly, the countdown to death was put to a halt when a prayer group laid their hands over her one night and she was miraculously freed from the said disease.

A few years later, Cay was hit by another painful blow — her dad abandons them, to live with another woman. Just like that, everything she thought she had, everything she believed in and held on to, started to crumble. Feeling lost and rejected, Cay was desperate to fill the void her dad left. Eventually, she ran away with the first man who showered her with love and attention, thinking that finally she can be made whole again.

Barely a year together, her hero soon turned out to be a drug dependent who would beat her up till she’s black and blue. Cay lived a miserable life but she didn’t want any of her 2 daughters to witness or even experience the horrors of their situation.

Cay with daughters

Finding a chance to escape one day, she grabbed her 2 kids and ran away, with nothing else in tow except the clothes they had on, a few feeding bottles and a can of milk. Taking steps to rebuild their lives, Cay found herself getting employed again. With barely enough funds to get by, she was determined to make things work, no matter what.

Surviving the ad industry was another burden that Cay had to carry on her shoulders. She was the odd-looking duck in a pond of beautiful swans. A struggling old timer, trying to fit herself into a pack of young, well-off, English speaking, Ad executives whose handbags were worth her house rent for two years. She was isolated, ignored and most of the time, left out.

You would normally see Cay alone working, while everyone goes out for lunch. It was her only chance to bring out her 3 pieces of hopia which was what her budget could afford her. Oftentimes, she would be the last-one-out working till late evenings because getting a bus ride home would be easier passed the rush hours. It was during these “alone moments” that she would have her private conversations with God.

But here is the thing. What came to her is something she never planned and can only be attributed to the Lord. This is a climax if you will call it that—- Clients came to the ad agency with products that only the “masang pinoy” would patronize. And to be able to effectively come up with a communications campaign for those brands, the Company needed someone who would know the “masang pinoy” lifestyle. And who do you think is that one odd person who understood that segment? That weird isolated someone who actually lived and breathed like the masa? That someone who would eat hopia for lunch, chase buses along Edsa and have only a few pieces of clothes to wear. Someone who understands how that market thinks? This is when everything started to change for Cay. All of a sudden, her life’s “misfortune” became her most “valuable assets”. The bosses started to notice her and her efforts were recognized.

When God moves, everything, even your ugly past, will fall into place. At the right time, God raises up those who trust in Him.

Today, Cay Acuna co-owns Ad Garlic, an ad agency she co-founded. Among its clients are multinational and big-name companies.


Cay with Ad garlic

You might be in a similar situation. You might be one of those who line up for hours daily to catch the MRT and fight for a space. Or you may be in a different situation.

Whatever our background is, we should be asking a question. Is this all to life? It does not matter what religious affiliation you have. Like Cay, just whisper a prayer. Let Jesus complete your story. He loves you enough to die on the cross that you may experience abundant life. Just remember, your story is not complete without Him. But it is a story He already began. Only He can complete it.



Philippians 1:6

“…..being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”