Why does the bible teach gradual increase in wealth creation?

Understanding this important principle is a key to understanding and acting on the stewardship mandate, which we kingdom people are involved in everyday of our lives.

What are the reasons for gradual increase?

1. People want instant solutions to problems they themselves create without acknowledging that God is after character building, the very thing that will cause lasting solution to a problem. For example, one can hear people say, God brought lack in my finances, but the truth of the matter is we ARE THE ONES WHO cause it upon ourselves through our ignorance and lack of financial discipline. So, God would let the person suffer lack and in the process, make him understand that the power is in hand to make adjustments in his habits and live a victorious life. This is true for many aspects of our lives, e.g. health, relationships, etc. This is the love of God expressed in disciplining us. (Heb 12:4-12)

2. The principle of gradual increase teaches us to use our time wisely. When we know that wealth creation is more a function of our God given ability than it is of opportunity or other external factors that are not within our control, we will take responsibility of our time. The bible admonishes us to use our time wisely, a precious and limited possession we have and can make use of. (Eph 5:16)

3. The principle of gradual increase teaches us not to chase wealth. The bible tells us that if we chase wealth, it will fly away. Not only will it run away from us, but it will cause us to also put more value to other things that are much more valuable than wealth. I have seen people who have sacrificed their health, family, relationships, etc., things that money cannot buy, FOR WEALTH. God wants us to prosper, but in the process, not lose our soul. (3John 1:2)

4. The principle of gradual increase will prevent us from misappropriating grace and faith which are what we have through a relationship with God. Grace and faith are AWESOME gifts, but they don’t remove responsibility from us to be good stewards and to apply wisdom in aspects of our lives. God’s grace is being poured out, but if we insist on grace and faith working for us without application of biblical principles and wisdom, that will be like saying that everything is the responsibility of God. Misappropriation of His grace will make us irresponsible people. (Proverbs 14:14)

5. A basic principle of stewardship is increase as we grow. We can only be given what we are able to manage. If we are faithful in little things, we will be given bigger things. (Luke 16:10)

6. The first generation Israelites were not able to enter the promised land because in spite of the grace and goodness of God in bringing them out of Egypt, guiding, providing for them and protecting them in the wilderness, there was no change in their mindset. Gradual increase teaches us that as we grow in the knowledge of God, a change in our mindset SHOULD happen, which prepares us for increase. (Rom 12:1-2)